4/13/2014 Update - To ensure that you get your copy of Snipping Tool 2, please include your email address when making a donation, Thanks! I soon will be releasing Snipping Tool 2's website. Stay Tuned for more!


4/9/2014 Update - Just wanted to let everyone know that Snipping Tool 2 has a the ability to use plugins to make it have even more functionality down the road. I will provide the plugin SDK as open source so that all developers are welcome to make enhancements for Snipping Tool 2. Don't forget to donate 5 bucks now while I am in the development phase. Make sure to include your email address for that is where your registration key will come when the software is finished. 

The more donations, the more time I can spend on this awesome new tool!






3/27/2014 Update - Snipping Tool 2 is coming along quite nicely. Donate today by clicking below:

  • Snip Studio - This is where you edit your screenshot. Same familiar features such as crop and zoom have already been added. I have also added the ability to add captions to the images. You are able to control the font, color, size and more of the captions.
  • New Interface - Lets face it, XP Snipping Tool was lacking in this area. Now with Snipping Tool 2, you have a slick user interface that is easy to use for both mouse users and touch screen (MS Surface Pro) users. It works very well on my Lenovo Twist!

I haven't received but a few pre-orders so this is just my weekend project. It is coming along nice but slow. If you want this to come out sooner, help fund the project by donating below. The more you donate, the more licensed copies of the professional version you will get. ($5 per copy for a limited time!)

Pre-Release Orders Now Accepted For Pro Version! (Only Five Bucks! Limited Time)

3/5/2014 Update - The work that pays the bills is holding me up on my next release. I have it around 85% complete. If you would like for me to get this done sooner, please donate a few bucks so I can divert my time towards this upcoming release. If you would like to pre-order a copy, please send an email requesting so to Jay@MissoulaSoftware.com. I will need your name, company name, and the number of copies you would like. As always, the open source version on codeplex is free, the newest (professional) version is 5 dollars for pre-orders. This is the pre-release price and is subject to change after my pre-release sponsors have had a chance to provide feedback. Once feedback is collected, I will add in features by popular demand.

Thank you everyone for the years of support!   

J's Snipping Tool (AKA XP Snipping tool) is gearing up for 2014! Now called J's Snipping Tool 2.  Version 2 is a ground-up rebuild with an integrated studio, fast desktop and tablet friendly interface, and much more. I hope to have the professional release out March 1st 2014. If you use XPSnipping Tool for professional use, you don't want to miss out! Send me an email at Jay@MissoulaSoftware.com and I will send you an email just as soon as i am done with testing. J's Snipping Tool 2 will not be released here. For more details, please email me your questions. Don't worry, I wont send you spam nor will I give out your email.


Feed a starving developer please! (Secure)



Compatible With:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1 Preview

Project Description:
XPSnipping tool is a small application that allows you to copy what is on your screen and crop out what you would like to save. Although designed for Windows XP, this application will run on any Windows that has .NET 4.

XPSnipping DOES:

  • Crop
  • Re-size
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Copy
  • Save

5 Steps to master XP Snipping Tool:
1.) Install the application by clicking the setup.exe and just keep clicking ok to anything it asks. There is no viruses or spyware to worry about.
2.) After installing, you should see a little black camera in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
3.) Right mouse click the camera and then left click capture. From there the application will take a picture of whatever is on your screen.
4.) After you see a menu across the top of your screen, you may now hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse to make a square region of what you would like to save.
5.) After making the square, right click your mouse and choose crop. This will trim out everything not in the square.

Remember - you must shut down XPSnipping tool before you shutdown your PC. Just right click on the little black camera on the bottom right in the tool bar and close it. 

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